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GYP is a US base organization, but has taught all over the world in private schools. Empowering young people to make healthy, responsible choices regarding alcohol and other drugs.

Encourage and support the non use of tobacco, vaping, alcohol and drugs.

Teach students and adults how to recognize the early warning signs of chemical dependency, eating disorders, trauma, and how to intervene appropriately. Alcohol and drug education works. But it needs to be age-appropriate, ongoing, and of "critical mass" to become a presence in the school community and in students' minds and emotions. 

 "Addiction was rarely discussed when I was growing up, and when it was, the messages and scare tactics were often misleading and confusing," Diana recounts. "We've come a long way in understanding what young people need in order to keep making healthy choices."

Diana Wilson


Diana grew up in the Hollywood Hills with loving family, played sports, attended private school and thought it was socially normal to smoke pot and drink on the weekends. Her drinking and drug use began during middle school and progressed into addiction in high school. She experienced the internal/external pressures, personal issues, and social situations all teens face with regard to alcohol and drug use. She knows first hand the destructive aspects of drug use, and how occasional use can lead to long-term addiction. Diana has achieved long- term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. With the help of friends, teachers, and family having the courage to say something and intervene. My mission is to help kids not to make the same choices I did through my experience and give scientific reason why to delay use. Grateful to provide 

this high energy program consists of the following: The topics vary from group to group.  Each workshop take on its own “personality” to meet the needs of the students.

Topics generally discussed include the following:

Short term & long term effects alcohol & other drugs have on adolescent body and brain development 

neggitive consequences
Protective Factors
Self Control
Conflict Resolution
How to help a friend
External and Internal Peer Pressure
Consequences of Actions
Delaying first use
Using age-appropriate language and content
Teaching social skills and peer refusal skills
Providing accurate up to date information
Encouraging non-use commitments
Using interactive teaching methods
Keeping Your Word
Listening Skills
Forgiveness (Self and others)
Effective Communication
Letting go of self  Limiting Beliefs

Global Youth Prevention is an educational program and on-going commitment to fostering empowering healthy habits.

Grateful to provide This High Energy Program consists of the following:

Three day or four-day program.

  • Five sessions per day.
  • Five sessions may include

  • Class sessions
  • Assemblies
  • Parent meetings
  • Faculty meetings and/or small group work

I believe in educating the whole school community, not just students. This is not scare based program; it is empowering experience for parents, students and faculty.


Diana Wilson

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