Our Mission

Empowering & Encouraging non use of tobacco, vaping, alcohol and drugs.

Global Youth Prevention (GYP) believes in creating and empowering communities- GYP ultimate goal is to create a safe "environment" for students to ask questions without judgment and receive real answers. If students don't hear it from a trusted resource about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and vaping. They will learn it from media and friends. We believe prevention in not just a one-time event, but and ongoing experience. By getting the community involved with parent meetings, faculty meetings and after school programs creates healthy community.

What makes our program unique is we meet kids where they are at and it is not "scare" based program, but an science based program- so that teenagers have the opportunity to discover and redesign the limiting beliefs they have about themselves and others.  It’s these self-imposed stories that could keep them from fully achieving their maximum capabilities.  The Three or Four-Day Program are based on the latest research and trends.

GYP is committed to educating young people about the risks and realities of bullying, eating disorders, alcohol, vaping, tobacco, and other drug use. It's not an easy task and we can't do it alone. But with your commitment we are confident that we can provide the next generation with the knowledge, and social skills they need to become healthy, responsible adults.